Identification of Problem, Engineering Goals and Specific Requirement


Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 to design a bridge made of popsicle sticks and art
glue. Students will be assigned “jobs / titles” in their groups and will employ the Engineering
Design Process (EDP) in order to optimize bridge to meet specified constraints and criteria.
The project is designed to reinforce concepts related to statics. The design process is
introduced as an organized approach to facilitate reaching the best solution.


1. Engineering design helps to manage the development of a solution / product
2. Force is transmitted to the sides of the bridge
3. Objects will remain stationary in the presence of balanced forces
4. Concepts of efficiency as defined by load on bridge over mass of bridge



1. Understand components of EDP
2. Techniques for useful brainstorming
3. Use of decision matrices to define criteria
4. Optimization
5. Organized building, testing and modification based on physics principles


1. Basics of force transfer through the bridge in equilibrium
2. Connection of bridge strength to balanced of forces in each member
3. Apply concepts of efficiency
4. Understand the concepts of Tension and Compression


500 Grams Of Ice-cream sticks and 1 bottle of glue is provided.

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